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Saturday Organization Tips!

I didnt get to post last week, so Im giving you a bonus this week of THREE tips for organizing your craft space!

I like to have my tools and most commonly used items within my reach. I also find that having things like my Designer Paper and ribbons within my reach help to encourage me to use them more. To achieve this, I have a bookshelf on my desk that all of these items are kept on. I also spray painted it white so it would better match my room!

Tip 1:

Pre-cut your Designer Paper and store it in either clear stamp cases or these cello envelopes. I can show you how to do that if you need some guidance. I cut the information on the backing of the package out and keep it with my papers. This way all of the coordinating colors and the item number are available when I grab the paper. I got my clear envelopes from Amazon, and they are sized 6×6.

TIP 2:

Ribbons! I love using ribbon on projects. But I found if they are in a drawer or on a separate shelf from my workspace then I don’t use them. So I found this spice rack at Ikea. I painted it white, and voila! It has the little bar in front so the ribbon doesn’t roll off and the opening I can use to pull an end through. I considered getting a paper towel holder, but then removing the roll to replace or take to events would be more difficult… that would mean I wouldn’t use my ribbon, and we want to use our ribbon!! (I normally have more ribbon than this, but I cleared out my retiring ones into a box so I could focus on using them for classes)

TIP 3:

To keep my Designer Paper and other tools in reach and organized, I bought a wooden plate rack from Ikea! I also keep my Stamparatus plates on it. 3 plates will fit in each divided section. Depending on how many sheets of Designer Paper you have in a packet will determine how many packs can fit in each section. I fit at least 2.

This is the Ikea information for the plate rack and spice rack:

Hope you enjoyed these organization tips! I would live to hear some of yours, so please leave a comment below with what works for your space!

STORAGE by Stampin’ Up

Check out the new STORAGE by Stampin’ Up that is available NOW!


Stampin’ Up’s STORAGE line is completely customizable and stackable to fit YOUR space and needs.  It is designed to fit our inks, embellishments, and anything else you need a home for on your craft space!  I just love that it allows for items to be out in the open and easy to see and grab.  I have found that having my items out where I can see them inspires me to use them more.

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Q:  How sturdy are the units when stacked?

A:  The system is designed so each unit will interlock with the others when stacked so the trays will not wobble and will not bow when stacked.

Q:  Do the old style ink pads fit in the Ink Pad Storage?

A.  Yes, They will fit …but the sides will have a small gap between the trays and that may cause the stack to become unstable when pulling ink pads in and out.  I would not recommend storing them in the ink pad holders.  HOWEVER, you can get the open cubes and store them!

Q:  Do Momento, StazOn, and VersaMark pads fit in the ink pad trays?

A:  No, they are just a smidge too tall.  But you can stack one of the open cubes on top to stack them in!

Q.  How many pieces do I need?

 A. You can use THIS PDF document to help determine how many pieces you need.   Remember, you can always order more if you want and as your collection grows!

Q.  Will Storage be in the Annual Stampin’ Up! Catalog?

A.  YES, these items will be available in the new Annual Catalog, so they will be around for a long time to come.

Q. Do the Stampin’ Blends Markers fit next to the Ink Pad?

A.  The space beside the ink pad is designed for our Stampin’ Write markers.  You can place a blend in the slot, but only one will fit, and where will you put the other shade to the color?

Q.  Are you getting rid of your current storage units?

A.  No!  But, I will add the new STORAGE by Stampin’ Up to my current storage system to store my Blends and some other items.

Q.  Do they fit on the IKEA Kallax shelves?

A. Absolutely!  The trays and cubes can be stacked and rearranged to fit in any space you have.

Q:  Do they come in any other colors?

A:  No.  They are available only in our WHITE glossy plastic, which is designed to brighten and coordinate with any setup you have!

Q:  How many ink refills will fit in a tray?

A:  Approximately 20.

Click the links below to access the flyer that contains each item’s dimensions, and prices, and to access a worksheet that will help you determine what and how many pieces you need for your STORAGE

Flyer w/ Prices and Dimensions

STORAGE Configuration Worksheet

Get your STORAGE today by shopping for them in my store or by using the links below!  My Store is ALWAYS open!

STORAGE by Stampin’ Up Item List 

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